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As seen with UK education secretary Damian Hinds’ recent challenge to education suppliers, edtech is due to be a bigger area of concern for schools than ever before. It’s therefore vital that school leaders know where to spend their stretched budgets. But how can you go about doing this in a market with so many options?

Enter Airtame, your new BYOD/platform-agnostic wireless streaming device. Simply plug it into a projector or screen, connect it to your local WiFi or ethernet network, and then use the Airtame app to easily connect from a teacher or student’s computer or mobile device. The technology allows a teacher to move around, checking what the students are doing, no longer tethered to the front of the room. As a result, they will gain a better understanding of each individual learner's ability to understand the information, as well as their weakness.

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The device is compatible with various platforms, including iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook, and Windows. With Airtame, the teacher’s interaction with their students is greatly enhanced. The educator is in a position to move around the classroom, freely interacting with the students and enjoying enhanced engagement.

Airtame enhances two-way communication, as teacher and students alike can project their work from around the room. The entire class can participate - even the shy students aren’t left behind, as they don’t have to move to the front to share their work. The device’s design helps teachers to gauge how much each student understands the topic at hand. They can assess each student individually, even before tests.

With student-centred learning processes in mind, you can go on to group the students and assign different tasks to solve, and share with the rest on the projector. With this methodology, students’ learning experiences are greatly improved, as they are involved actively in the learning process. What’s more, their problem-solving skills are tremendously enhanced.

Given the aforementioned call for innovation issued by Damian Hinds and the DfE, the 2018/19 school year is likely to see a major edtech shake-up.

The Airtame team consider their device to be ideal for this bold world of student-centred, progressive education. It is simple-to-use; it enhances a two-way communication between the educator and the learner; and it solves the major challenge educators face as they try to reach out to all students, allowing them to control the class from anywhere and not tying them to the front. It allows students to submit their assignments on time. Learning becomes easy and improved with the sharing of ideas between the teacher and the students. In addition, the educator is able to appreciate the understanding level of each student, which goes hand-in-hand with the performance. To discover more, visit

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