Smart Schools: Using software to hire out school facilities and boost revenue


BookingsPlus is a complete online system designed to help you manage your school lettings effectively. Showcase your facilities for hire with the systems integrated website, generate online enquiries from potential customers and advertise your activities to users.  Manage customer and bookings information on one centralised system with built in invoicing and online payment functions.  Generate financial reports and timetables at the click of a button as well as offer your customers a convenient way to view their bookings information and pay online.

To find out how BookingsPlus can help you to:
·  Save time
·  Reduce debtors
·  Market your facilities for hire
·  Easily share lettings information with customers/colleagues
·  Increase income

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In the drive to deliver cost savings without compromising on educational quality, schools are struggling to stay afloat, with budgets coming under immense pressure. Due to a combination of rising costs and pupil numbers, the Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts that current school expenditure per pupil will fall by over 7% in real terms between 2015-16 and 2019-20. Consequently, many schools are continuing to search for innovative solutions to generate and maximise income, rather than solely cutting their budgets. Such institutions have a wide range of assets from which they are able generate income, however the key to success is ensuring that they have the most effective marketing and booking systems to maximise these opportunities.

Opening facilities for community use is one avenue, already recognised by a number of schools, who are increasingly realising that the resources they own can be put to better use in the community, creating a greater sense of social cohesion and generating increased revenue.

Throughout the country, many schools are already seeking to transform their facilities into venues ready for community use. While there exists many opportunities to generate income through changing the way that facilities are utilised, harnessing innovative technology can help schools to capitalise on these opportunities and generate additional revenue. Importantly, schools should adopt solutions which can ensure that the process of hiring facilities is as efficient and profitable as possible.

Kajima Community’s online lettings software, BookingsPlus, is designed to give schools the ability to generate the extra income that they desperately need, supporting schools now and in the future to deliver the best education possible for their pupils. We believe the software is a game-changer in a sector that is continually under pressure to deliver better results with fewer resources, providing schools with the opportunity to reach further into the community and enabling venues to generate extra income.

Schools using the system are generating a total of over £12m revenue, and Kajima’s service is already in use by a number of leading academic institutions across the country. This is testament to its growing success in giving schools the ability to effectively manage spaces and room bookings, administer online invoicing and payments.

The software is set to be further developed in January 2017, a rebrand with the community at the heart of its focus, giving rise to a new BookingsPlus website and a logo. We hope to make the revitalised BookingsPlus system central to schools’ efforts to capitalise on their existing assets, alleviate budgetary pressures and generate additional revenue streams.

Visit or contact / 01604 677764 for more information.

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