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Studytracks was created by award-winning songwriter George Hammond-Hagan with a simple purpose - to help his son study more effectively. Seeing that music and media was something his teenage son couldn’t live without (as with most teenagers!), he began creating Physics, Chemistry and Biology tracks that his son could listen to on the way to school. Now, just over a year later, Studytracks has over 165,000 users, including teachers who are using the platform to help raise student achievement and increase student engagement.

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When asked about the most memorable songs of all time, what springs to mind? The Killers’ Mr Brightside, Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time, or Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean? There are so many songs that no matter how much time has passed, you’re able to sing-along to every lyric without hesitation.

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And there’s a song for every mood; whether you want an uplifting, motivational song to exercise to, an emotional, breakup song to cry to, or a party anthem to dance all night to, there’s no denying that music has an effect on the brain. It seems to trigger our long-term memory, influence our mood, and even help us concentrate (in fact, I’m listening to music while I write this!).

So why then do we find ourselves telling children time and time again to take the headphones off and focus on their studies? Why, when it proves an easy way to memorise and recall lyrics, have we not looked at how this could be applied to classroom learning sooner?

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with the perfect solution: the Studytracks’ teacher platform. The app, which merges music with study materials using lyrics relating to a specific exam theme or topic, allows you to create playlists, tests, assign homework, track student progress and pull reports. With a wide variety of subjects and topics to choose from - including English foundation, English literature, Maths foundation, Maths, World History, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, poetry, and History (medicine through time) it’s time to disrupt tradition and give kids something that will really shake up their study.

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We live in a 21st century world surrounded by technology, meaning that traditional teaching methods aren’t necessarily the most effective anymore. Not only do we want to appeal to children and fit with their lifestyles, we want to make teachers’ lives easier too. Using Studytracks, you can assign homework from the platform which is then delivered straight to your students’ phones. Homework is then automatically tracked and scored, allowing you to see how many times they listened to the track, how many attempts it took them to complete, giving you an indication of the areas where they might need more support.

For those subjects that are fact-heavy with content that can be challenging to bring learning to life, Studytracks can be the stepping stone to success! Take History, for example. Timelines and textbooks full of facts and events can be hard to digest. By breaking it up and turning subject topics into easy to remember ‘hooks’ means that, as the student listens to the music, these hooks become embedded in their memory - just like the lyrics to a song. Therefore, when something triggers the hook (like a word or phrase in a homework task), students are able to recall the information easily and effectively.

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And you can rest-assured that it’s all curriculum-aligned, as our study notes are created by a team of certified teachers and writers.

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