Maximise Maths potential through PE and Sport premium [case study]

Maths of the Day

Maths of the Day is an online resource tool providing over 1000 'active' Maths lesson plans. It is praised by Ofsted, endorsed by Youth Sport Trust and loved by teachers and children! The programme was created by Jon Smedley, a Primary leader, PE adviser and Maths leader.

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Can PE and Maths be mixed to achieve first rate teaching and learning? Surrey headteacher Steve Tindall has implemented the Maths of the Day programme throughout his whole school, to the benefit of teachers, support staff and pupils alike.

Steve introduced Maths of the Day to Holy Family Catholic Primary School as a whole after trialling the resource with Years 5 and 6. He has since used PE and Sport funding to raise standards in Maths, catapulting his school into the top 5% of Maths results nationwide!

“At Holy Family Primary, we pride ourselves on a creative cross-curricular timetable,” the headteacher explains. “We recognise not all pupils can learn in a truly academic environment, and need varied teaching methods to excel in core subjects. Maths of the Day has been an outstanding addition to this curriculum delivery.

“Sport is very popular in our school, and so this programme provided us with a great opportunity to apply the skills learned through physical activity to a subject perceived by some children to be more challenging.

“The initial aim of implementing Maths of the Day was to re-engage a group of bright Year 5 and 6 girls who were underperforming in Maths. Another objective was to build the confidence of these pupils and empower them to believe in their ability to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. There were concerns that some Year 6 pupils would not achieve the expected end of key stage standard. They displayed an approach in which they would give in too easily, and became frustrated when the answer was not clear.

“After seeing a positive impact in the trial, the programme was rolled out throughout the whole school, and all teachers have committed to one cross-curricular session per week to embed practical learning across the whole curriculum. Our teachers are more confident in delivering physical activity and it has allowed support staff to take more ownership, with teaching assistants now taking groups away from the main activity for additional interventions.

“Just the other day I saw a group in the hall with some cones and balls working through one of the many lesson plans available. One of the main benefits is that each of the plans only involves equipment already in the store cupboard!

“The most striking and satisfying development since using the programme is the increase in self esteem and confidence when approaching Maths lessons. Maths of the Day has helped to eradicate the ‘fear factor’, which has been replaced with an understanding that Maths can be fun and success is achievable. Gone is the ‘I can’t’ attitude, which has been replaced by pupils being able to think problems through from start to finish and solve them in a logical and productive way.”

Want to see it for yourself. Book a free trial here. What’s more, Innovate My School readers are invited to claim a 10% discount by using the code ‘innovatevou10’ - this offer will be valid until the end of January 2018.

Maths of the Day features over 1000 lesson plans and over 250 homework ideas that teachers can use effectively with all age groups. The programme offers the ability to draw out children’s enthusiasm and passion for sport and apply the character skills learned to other areas of the curriculum. Schools will have the opportunity to maximise impact of support staff by empowering them to take ownership and deliver additional interventions.

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