Manchester rocked by Primary education event of the year

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Image credit: Primary Rocks. Image credit: Primary Rocks.

Saturday 17th March saw Primary teachers from across the UK head to the beautiful Medlock Primary School in Manchester for one of world’s finest education events: Primary Rocks Live. The sold-out (in under five minutes!) gathering’s attendees enjoyed 24 workshops, two keynotes, a live-streamed performance from the Teachers Rock Youth Choir, and ice cream.

We asked a few of the day’s attendees what they thought of Primary Rocks Live. Here are their responses:

Sophie Merrill (@MissSMerrill) - Year 6 teacher, curriculum leader and Primary Rocks Live co-organiser: “It was a great day filled with positivity, vibrancy and a sense of community, all in the name of being better teachers. It’s a joy and an honor to be involved! It really is all about the people, as Gaz said in his welcome.”

Kelly Nuttall (@MissKnuckles) - AHT and English lead: “My favourite moment from yesterday has to be Nina Jackson’s keynote. Dancing, busoms, cwtch and fizz - she inspired me to no end! The whole day was just fab; I’m on the hunt for my next one now.”

Tim Head (@MrHeadComputing) - AHT and Primary Rocks Live co-organiser: “What a day! We got 'fizzical' with Nina Jackson, learned the finer points of leadership with the Primary Heads (@Oldprimaryhead1 and @theprimaryhead), and showed why Primary truly does Rock! That moment when you see the hall filling up with teachers from every corner of the country never fails to make you a little bit emotional. I am so proud of everything the team has achieved since 2014 and especially over the three events so far.

James Cain - Innovate My School editor: “My own Primary Rocks Live ended up centring around gender. First up, Graham Andre with ‘No More Boys and Girls’. Secondly, Hannah Wilson’s ‘My journey as an outward facing, values-led leader’, which had a strong equality angle. And finally, I saw Kiran Satti’s ‘Dialogic Spaces - discussing and deconstructing gender, power and differences’. All three were tremendously fascinating.”

Alex Hodge (@cowmanteaches) - trainee teacher: “Primary Rocks Live was inspirational, thought provoking and, above all, FUN! The feeling of support, collaboration and togetherness gives me confidence for the future.”

Kiran Satti (@KSunray3) - teacher and Primary Rocks Live presenter: “Primary Rocks was an uplifting day. Nina Jackson’s opening keynote set the tone - it was electric. Her energy and passion was infectious. That was the golden thread throughout the whole day - everyone I engaged with was connected by passion, wanting to make a difference and a real love for teaching and everything that it entails. Thank you Primary Rocks - you’ve made my March a little more magical.”

Ben Connor (@bbcTeaching) - SLT and English lead: “My favourite moments were getting the day started PID-style with Nina; she really captured the feeling of PR. I really enjoyed leading a session of my own, and felt a real part of the PR experience. Above all, like last year, it was an overwhelming feeling, being in a room full of teachers and leaders who do it for the right reasons.”

Jenna Lucas (@JennaLucas81) - teacher, English leader and Primary Rocks Live co-organiser: “Primary Rocks Live just keeps getting better and better. Nina Jackson's opening keynote got the fizz and positivity flowing early. The workshops I attended provided a superb mixture of humour, anecdotes, challenge and insight that will now reach far and wide across so many schools. But for me, the greatest parts aren't listed on the programme. Meeting and hugging those teachers for the first time, even though you feel you know them so well, as well as catching up with those who seriously make the event what it is every year… these were the most preciously priceless moments for me!”

Chris Dyson (@chrisdysonHT) - headteacher: “Primary Rocks is like a scene from Cheers, where everyone knows your name. 300 like-minded, enthusiastic, brilliant educators coming together, sharing and caring to enhance everyone’s career. People left Saturday evening feeling empowered and happy. I had the pleasure of listening to Ben Connor, who discussed inspiring great writing through music. After this, Mark Unwin shared simply the greatest published writing I have ever seen. Afterwards, I delivering my own session to eager, listening teachers. Gaz Needle summed up the day when he said ‘It’s not about who you hear today, it’s about who you will miss!’ Well, Jack Phillips, Simon Smith, James Pembroke, Clare Sealy, Graham Andre, Mark Stillwell... I was gutted to miss yours, BUT there is always next year!”

For further Primary Rocks goodness, check out #PrimaryRocks every monday from 20:00 - 21:00!

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