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SISRA Ltd offer two web-based solutions for schools: SISRA Analytics enables schools to track the progress of students from Key Stage 3 through to 5, using whichever ‘life after levels’ assessment system they’ve chosen, and calculate the new performance measures at the click of a button. SISRA Observe simplifies the observation and self-evaluation process, allowing users to record, store and analyse the results to identify strengths and weaknesses in the quality of teaching. Both services are intuitive and easy to access and use for all levels of staff.

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Images courtesy of supplier. Images courtesy of supplier.

In recognition of school’s embracing technology in and out of the classroom on a day-to-day basis, the team at SISRA have been working on a number of improvements to their Observe service for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning. One of the major new features is the Focus Area report, which allows schools to perform detailed analysis of a particular aspect of teaching.

The example below shows Pupil Progress, but schools are free to create any number of custom focus areas in order to gather meaningful data for feedback and analysis. The reports can be filtered by staff characteristics such as pay scale, role or by anything else schools wish to analyse!

This report is so flexible that it is available for every faculty, subject and member of staff. It provides top level analysis such as counts and percentages, as well as pie and bar charts for visual impact. There’s also more information which allows faculty and subject comparisons. This type of information provides senior leaders with up-to-date information to identify strengths and areas for development without the need to use a spreadsheet or do any data entry.

What’s next?

Schools will be able to build their own library of best practice by adding evidence and reflections to their observations and self-evaluations. SISRA have been out and about visiting as many schools as possible to ensure these new features are meeting the needs of senior leaders of today and the future.

No Grades? No problem.

Charlotte Harling, head of Observe at SISRA has recently written an interesting blog post focusing on schools who no longer use grades as part of their monitoring processes. To read the post go to www.sisra.com/no-grades-no-problem.

Visit www.sisra.com or contact enquiries@sisra.com for more information.

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