How Reading Plus improves reading outcomes at KS3 and KS4

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Are you concerned your students don't have the vocabulary knowledge to access the KS3/4 curriculum?

 In a recent survey of KS3 teachers, their top three student concerns were:

  • Vocabulary knowledge
  • Complex text comprehension
  • Engagement (particularly in older students)

How can Reading Plus help solve these challenges?

Reading Plus is an online reading development programme which engages students and makes it easy to evidence impact. 

It helps close the reading gap for KS3 students and prepares them for the more complex KS4 texts by improving reading fluency, stamina, vocabulary, and comprehension. It supports the English curriculum by helping students to:

  • Read easily, fluently and with a good understanding.
  • Develop the habit of reading widely and often for pleasure and information.
  • Acquire a vast vocabulary.
  • Conventions for reading (inference).
  • Appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.

Try before you buy

To see the impact of Reading Plus on your students, try a free four-week pilot at no cost or obligation today. On average, the expected increase in reading speed per student is over 20 words per minute during a four-week pilot.

Request a free four-week pilot.

Improving students' fluency and comprehension to access academic texts

The programme uses a patented Reading Plus Guided Window to support the development of reading fluency. The window scaffolds the reading experience by guiding the reader's eyes left-to-right across a page, utilising a moving box. The speed is specific to each student and increases when the student demonstrates good comprehension and stamina.

This feature helps secondary students transition to increased text complexity from KS2 to KS3/4, whereby language and vocabulary are more complex.

Read more about the guided window.

Engage reluctant readers

The quality of rich and engaging texts on Reading Plus is something we continue to assess to provide a holistic reading experience for students. Over 1,300 informational, fiction, and non-fiction texts provide choice and control for students.

The texts are written based on the ‘windows and mirrors’ concept to depict a wide range of experiences and celebrate cultural diversity:

  • Mirrors are instances where the reader can see themselves reflected within texts.
  • Windows offer the reader a view of experiences and lifestyles outside their own.

Hear from a Reading Plus customer on how the programme has made an impact

Head of English and Evidence Lead in Education (ELE) with The EEF, Gaurav Dubay, King Edwards VI Handsworth Grammar School, explains:

"Reading Plus helps us to focus on the components of reading rather than something arbitrary like reading age. It means we can intervene with authority at the classroom level – evidence suggests this has the greatest impact."

"Several Year 8 students needed support in the skill of 'reasoning and rhetoric', and the interventions were helpful. We then adapted our internal assessments to reflect the need for additional teaching here."

Will it work for you? 

  • Struggling with fluency?
    Reading Plus is proven to increase fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 
  • Content applicable for KS2-KS4
    Adaptive intelligence matches learners to texts and continues to do throughout.
  • Time-saving intervention materials 
    Printable resources, lesson plans and worksheets for students requiring further support. 
  • Easy-to-access data and reporting
    Accessible data-driven reports help inform and measure student reading progress, highlighting any need for support and intervention, making it easier to evidence impact and inform strategies.
  • Compatible with most web-based devices
    Students can access engaging and informative texts in school and from home. 
  • Full training and support
    Our Partner Plus customer support team provides free training, support, and pedagogic advice, to ensure the successful implementation of Reading Plus.

Request your free four-week pilot today, or book a 10-minute online call to learn more.

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