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Educater provides an intuitive, online school management solution for schools, academies, MATs and local authorities. We were founded in February 2014 and fully launched in September 2015. Since then, our school management software has gained hundreds of user schools. Educater is designed to make planning for leaders, managers and teachers’ workloads more manageable, helping to impact positively upon teaching, learning and inclusion.

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There is currently a wealth of providers in education offering great assessment content to Primary schools, all of which use a different style and approach. As a result, it can often be extremely difficult for Primary school leaders to determine which content provider fits best with their school’s assessment needs.

Educater has found a great solution to this problem with its pupil assessment tracker STATonline. The system not only allows Primary school leaders to pick which assessment framework they require, but it also helps schools mix content from multiple content providers, including their own, so that they can shape their assessment strategy to suit their individual school.

This development follows Educater’s recent partnership with Rising Stars, which saw frameworks for English, Maths, Science, Computing and History included as an option alongside Educater’s current content partners STAT Sheffield and NAHT Assessment Frameworks. Educater is now in a position where it can incorporate any school content into its STATonline assessment tracker.

STATonline enables teachers to record assessment information quickly and has a direct impact on the way they plan children’s learning. It enables leaders to analyse attainment and progress efficiently, both to understand the needs of their school and report to others. Reports from STATonline can identify gaps in learning and aid lesson and curriculum planning for schools.

The system offers a shared solution which enables schools to work more closely and collaborate together resulting in improved data sharing, moderation of children’s work and consistency in teacher assessment.

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Educater director Gareth Heggie said: “We are extremely proud to be able to provide Primary schools with a complete assessment tool that allows them to monitor their pupils’ progression with ease and simplicity.

“Educater can now integrate any assessment content into STATonline in addition to any MIS system. We believe that school leaders will love being able to shape their assessment strategy to suit their school, and we are very excited to seeing how schools will react to our latest development.”

Before the recent partnerships with Rising Stars and NAHT, Educater worked in direct partnership with STAT Sheffield. The STAT Sheffield project came about in direct response to changing government policy and the announcement that the National Curriculum would be removed and not replaced. Sheffield school leaders, the local authority and educational practitioners teamed together to devise a new system for assessment. The result was the School Tracking and Assessment Tools system (STAT).

Rising Stars also released the Progression Frameworks following the launch of the new curriculum in 2014 to help teachers identify gaps in children’s learning across the curriculum. The frameworks break down the curriculum into individual statements with “what to look for” guidance, to help teachers make reliable judgements about children’s knowledge and understanding throughout the primary years.

For more information on Educater STATonline, please visit or contact / 0300 012 0001.

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