How Southfield Primary made their school secure


InVentry is the number one sign in and visitor management solution in the UK. It is trusted by more than 4,000 establishments across education and business.

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Image courtesy of supplier // Pictured: Jane Cartlidge. Image courtesy of supplier // Pictured: Jane Cartlidge.

It was from first-hand experience and a gleaming recommendation that initially piqued Jane Cartlidge’s interest in InVentry.

“I attended a training session at another school, and I had never seen anything like InVentry before,” said the Southfield Primary School’s headteacher. “At first I was really surprised there was something so hi-tech in a school.”

Jane purchased a system for her own school, which needed a vital safety upgrade at the time. Prior to getting InVentry, and following some building renovations, Southfield Primary realised that they had over 20 external doors that were not secure.

Jane continues: “When visitors sign in now we have InVentry, they have a sticker, we know who they are, and they can be challenged around the site. Safeguarding at the school has improved so much since we’ve had InVentry.”

With the InVentry system, Jane can see at a glance who is onsite at any time. “I like the fact that if there’s a visitor in school, I know who they are. As a headteacher, I’ve just got a better understand of what’s going on in school at all times.”

The children at Southfield Primary are benefitting from the system too. “They know that a visitor who is wearing a sticker and a lanyard is a safe person.” The simplicity of the interface means that the pupils use the system too. “Children who come in five or 10 minutes late go straight to the system, follow the questions on screen, and sign themselves in.”

InVentry provides complete integration with Southfield Primary’s MIS, making manual updates non-existent for admin staff. “It’s really important of course that we keep an up-to-date single central record of safeguarding, and the InVentry system does help our admin staff to keep that bang up to date”. Keeping track of attendance is also crucial at Southfield Primary. “We know immediately if a child is not in school, and we can check up on that. We really understand our attendance constantly.”

Jane and her team found the process of moving to InVentry surprisingly easy. “The admin staff were surprised at how easy it was to go over to a system like this. It seems like such a big deal, but actually, once the screen was fitted we were up and running.”

The process was exceptionally effective from a training perspective, too. “Only half an hour training was required, and it was just what we needed. The engineer came in, worked with our staff, answered all of their queries and we were all very confident, very quickly.

“I went to another school and saw this system; now we’ve got it in our own school. We’re very happy with it we would encourage other schools to come and see how well it works for us. We would recommend it to anyone.”

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