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The MemorAbility activities, as the name implies, target the improvement of memory. The games improve many aspects of memory including visual, auditory processing and sequencing abilities.

One of the MemorAbility directors, an Early Years specialist and an experienced Ofsted inspector, has led the development of this programme. Current research is substantiating the long-held belief that the early years are the most important time for developing the child’s brain and that this is the key to future success. The MemorAbility team believe that by developing the skills for learning in this uniquely structured way, a school or nursery can transform children’s school career and thereby eliminate the future need for the extensive time and resource devoted to resolving ‘learning difficulties’. Email contact@memorability.co.uk.

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MemorAbility is a new and important programme designed for children in Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2. The resource has been created specifically for the pupil who is having difficulty learning to recognise letters, blending sounds and learning to read through either a phonetic or a visual approach.

It has been noted by many that an increasing proportion of children are entering school unprepared for learning. These young children should be helped as soon as possible, otherwise their initial slow progress can readily become categorised as ‘special needs’. MemorAbility helps these children by developing the essential underlying skills needed for successful learning. When weaknesses in memory and concentration are overcome at a young age, the commonly-found slow rate of progress in literacy skills and the associated loss of confidence can be averted.

MemorAbility is based on a series of mental exercises that pupils enjoy and see as fun games; games that are designed to develop the ability to learn. These activities improve many aspects of memory, including visual, auditory, retrieval and sequencing skills.

Results at pilot schools have demonstrated the effectiveness of the MemorAbility activities for young children, including outstanding improvements for SEN pupils. Our Lady of St Werburgh’s Primary School, one of the pilot schools, carried out MemorAbility with nine SEN pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The average progress of these pupils for the one term was over two and a half term’s ‘expected progress’ for Reading, and over two terms progress for Writing.

Head teacher, Ben Grove commented "The performance over the term is extremely good,” said Ben Grove, headteacher at Our Lady of St Werburgh’s Primary. “The majority of results show an enhanced progress with some extremely notable results.  The greatest overall performance increase was in Reading – with almost universal improvements."

Children of all abilities love MemorAbility games, as they are so varied and so much fun to play. They are playable either individually or as a group, and are both brightly coloured and attractively presented.

With the use of familiar objects, pupils eagerly await their turn to play. Visual and auditory memory (essential for recognising words, for learning through phonics and for recalling instructions) is extended through the gradual increase in challenge. What’s more, visual discrimination and spatial awareness skills are enhanced to help eliminate reversals in future writing.

MemorAbility incorporates a very thorough assessment system not usually seen in schools. It is recommended that assessments are undertaken before the child starts to play the MemorAbility games, to give a secure baseline from which to identify the children’s progress and to demonstrate success. These assessments can also be used as a freestanding resource to highlight a child’s learning difficulties.

MemorAbility is delivered to schools on a disc with clear and comprehensive instructions. As the product is new on the market, it is currently being offered at a discount price.

Visit memorability.info or contact contact@memorability.co.uk / 0121 663 1245 for more information.

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