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Take one cup of the UK curriculum, mix evenly with a dollop of Swedish edtech capabilities. Stir in the experience of teachers and feedback from students. Bake evenly for summer. The result? Albert Teen - an easy-to-use app and website designed to empower everyone in education.

Albert Teen is the latest offering from Albert, a Swedish company founded with the sole purpose of making knowledge and learning accessible to people from all walks of life. Committed to making a difference in the lives of students and teachers, Albert Teen brings together over 600 lessons and 15,000 exercises into a simple app and an easy-to-use website designed to support learning of maths and science for students aged 10-16.

With Albert Teen, the new school year can’t come soon enough. Students are set to start full of confidence as they grow into empowered, independent learners. Their teachers, already missing the classroom buzz, are looking forward to having more time to dedicate to being at the top of their game.

How does Albert Teen create empowered, independent learners?

 Surrounded by increasingly technical and complex edtech products, Albert Teen stands out from the crowd for its simplicity and responsiveness to the needs of Students and teachers.

- Students are drawn to Albert Teen for how fun and easy it is to use, helping create a natural love of learning.

- The more they use Albert Teen, the more empowered they become by the progress they see themselves making.

- As students take ownership of their learning, they can face challenges with greater confidence. This develops a natural growth mindset that spills over into other aspects of their school lives.

How does Albert Teen save teachers time?


Safe in the knowledge that the app and website are building the knowledge base of their students, Albert Teen saves teachers valuable time.

- Teachers do not need to spend significant amounts of time setting work or monitoring app data, as it is designed to be used independently by students.

- Every student has different needs and levels of understanding. Albert Teen gives them the chance to address gaps in their knowledge themselves, meaning teachers can spend less classroom time going over specific topics for individuals and more on whole-class learning.

- Teachers have more time to ask evaluative questions that deepen understanding and increase progress because the app gives students a stronger knowledge base.

Albert Teen is committed to helping everyone in education, whether it’s giving teachers valuable time back so they can be at the top of their game or empowering students with a love of learning.

That is one of the reasons why the app is currently free for the summer. It is also part of Albert Teen’s commitment to providing the best experience for users. By giving every student a chance to try the app over Summer, Albert Teen can gather invaluable feedback to make the upcoming version (set to be released in time for the new school year) as relevant and engaging as possible.

Visit Albert Teen now and see for yourself or email team-teen@hejalbert.se.

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