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Sparx Maths Homework automatically sets one hour of personalised homework for every student every week.

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Years of collaboration with schools combined with the experience of our team means we understand the challenges that school leaders face. With the current shortfall of teachers and teacher workload at an all-time high, supply teachers are in increasingly high demand.  

In our experience, many supply teachers fear covering a maths lesson. Whether that is down to a lack of confidence in their maths ability, because they didn’t enjoy maths at school or because they know that students can often be unengaged in a maths lesson, Sparx Maths can help alleviate these fears.

In the classroom and at home, Sparx Maths provides a complete solution that delivers important benefits for school leaders, teachers, students and parents, from personalised learning for every student to incredible real-time insights into class and student progress.

Rigorously tested content, covering the KS3 and GCSE maths curricula, is devised and handwritten by our in-house teams. Over 35,000 questions are backed up by more than 8,300 tutorial videos that help explain concepts in accessible ways and encourage independent learning. Based on years of research and collaboration with schools, we’ve developed our own scheme of learning which maps the national curriculum and is aligned with every major exam board. Sparx can also be mapped to a school’s existing scheme of learning.

With Sparx Maths, schools, subject teachers and supply teachers receive detailed lesson plans which contain learning objectives and content aligned to the scheme of learning the school is following, suggested timings for each lesson, and teaching notes which outline which methods are used in the tutorial videos. Our carefully crafted questions, which range in difficulty, challenge students who can then watch video tutorials when they get stuck.

Throughout the lesson, teachers can access real-time insights into their students' progress, and students who are struggling are flagged to the teacher so they can provide targeted intervention where needed. Insights can help teachers understand how a child behaves in a maths lesson. For example, they can see how many times a student has watched a tutorial video, how long they are watching the video for and whether they are watching the video before attempting the question. 

Teachers can also see what a student’s incorrect attempts at a question were and how long it has been since they last attempted a question. This helps supply teachers no end as they might not know much about the students they are teaching, but can easily identify those which need their support.

Sparx Maths will also automatically set an hour of personalised homework for every student each week based on what was taught in that week’s lessons, previously mastered content and skills they need to work on. 

By providing supply teachers with a detailed lesson plan to follow, relevant handwritten questions, and video tutorials they can watch with students to help them understand the skills needed to answer questions, Sparx Maths ensures that your learners receive a consistent, high-quality lesson whilst your supply teacher feels empowered and confident to deliver the lesson. 

If you have any questions about Sparx Maths, please visit www.sparx.co.uk or get in touch via schools@sparx.co.uk or 01392 440 440.

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