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TrilbyTV has been developed by Trilby, a well established business with 20 years of trading history and a huge catalogue of successful UK and International projects within the education and IT sectors.


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Creating video projects and resources allows for a lot of creativity, which is why one east London school has chosen to fully adopt a new system into their school: TrilbyTV.

Beam County Primary School in Dagenham have been using a video creation and storage system to innovate their school in big ways. ICT coordinator John Filer (pictured above) and his colleagues have introduced TrilbyTV into the school, in order to enhance the quality of various literacy, numeracy and science projects, as well as to create fun pupil roles within the building, such as lunchtime monitors. As a result of embracing this new system, the school has seen a huge rise in pupil-engagement, which has had an impact on all areas of the curriculum.

Activities made available by TrilbyTV have been varied. For example, a group of Year 5 pupils have been designing mini punctuation-guides for their younger peers, and several Year 4s have been uploading their solutions to mathematics problems for the whole school to use. With these new possibilities in place, Beam County Primary staff are keen to hand control over to the pupils. The school now has digital leaders, pupils who are responsible for creating, managing and uploading content onto TrilbyTV. This is then moderated by Jon Filer, also a Year 5 teacher, and with the click of a button shared onto both reception and dining room screens in the school.

“TrilbyTV gives pupils ownership and a voice, and it certainly helps inspire and motivate them,” said Jon. “It’s so easy to use and is both child and teacher friendly. Showcasing their success and sharing the work they are doing with parents and teachers has generated real enthusiasm amongst the pupils. TrilbyTV fits in seamlessly with the curriculum and pupils love seeing themselves and their friends on ‘TV’.

“The pupils are learning about having an audience to view their work and thinking about how that audience might respond to what they see. TrilbyTV encourages them to produce more and inform teachers, parents and other pupils about what they are learning. It is an easy way to share and celebrate their school experiences.“

So passionate are the pupils about this new system that they’ve renamed it Beam TV. Teachers and their young digital-leader colleagues are continually encouraging contributions from all pupils across the school, with messages like “Beam TV needs your work” being displayed on-screen.

TrilbyTV even welcomes visitors into the school, with videos playing in the reception area. The installed screens previously displayed content from an external source which was rarely looked at. Paper signs and posters were used to publicise various activities in the past, whereas TrilbyTV is now used to inform and generate interest. Pupils are learning valuable skills while working on Beam TV, with activities ranging from interviewing staff and visitors, to creating peer-assessment resources, to making adverts and campaigns.

Jon added: “Having tried other video systems in the past, we can honestly say that none of them come close to TrilbyTV. The system is so simple, yet has made an enormous impact on our school. We feel it gives our school an identity and highlights our character and ethos. Providing pupils with the opportunity to share their success has created an environment of celebrating the work we do and enhanced our teaching and learning experience.”

Visit www.trilbytv.co.uk or contact support@trilbytv.co.uk for more information.

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