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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein

Millions of pupils around the world enjoy BrainPOP’s animated videos every day, building their knowledge and understanding. A well made video can capture a pupil’s attention and deliver effective learning in a few minutes. And making animations to introduce curriculum concepts is something we’ve worked hard at perfecting over the years.

But how do you broaden their experience? What can you do to help your students show off their new knowledge? What comes after the video?

At Bett 2017 we’ll be showcasing a number of our new tools that enable children to demonstrate understanding. We call it ‘playful assessment’. Come and visit the BrainPOP team on stand C259 to get hands on with our new features and claim an exclusive 25% discount on all BrainPOP subscriptions.


Your students will love Make-a-Map, our innovative concept mapping tool powered by Ideaphora.

It allows students to create interactive concept maps as they explore our topics, developing ideas by connecting official BrainPOP movie clips, audio, images, and key vocabulary.

As students learn more they can revisit saved maps, extending their understanding and demonstrating progress. It’s a piece of work owned by the student, able to be developed and extended over time.


Lights, camera, action! The newest addition to our suite of creation tools empowers teachers and students to make their own BrainPOP-style movies. Decide on a subject, then build scenes using images from our library or their own drawings.

Add narration; manipulate backgrounds; and even start with a letter the way each of our movies does. Our Make-a-Movie tool cultivates planning, organising, writing, collaborating, and analysing skills.

Sortify and TimeZone X

In these new original BrainPOP games, progress is made visible through tools that challenge students to reflect, make connections, and engage in deeper, curiosity-driven learning.

In Sortify, students categorise and sort information from themes such as ‘World Changing Women’ to ‘Ocean Life’ to the ‘Periodic table’ and many more, scoring points by correctly sorting data into bins representing key concepts.

Time Zone X is a cross-curricular timeline game that challenges students to apply their knowledge of history, understanding of cause and effect, and decipher clues through close reading as they attempt to place events in the proper order.

Quiz Mixer

Perfect for differentiation, the Quiz Mixer allows you to make your own BrainPOP-style multiple choice quizzes, polls, and surveys.

Search and modify BrainPOP’s questions or create your own multiple choice and open ended questions, before publishing and sharing with your students.

And don't re-invent the wheel! Import and edit from thousands of questions generated across the BrainPOP community.

Playful (formative) assessment

All the results and outcomes from these features can be tracked via My BrainPOP, our new integrated assessment system.

My BrainPOP is a suite of features that includes individual log-ins for students and teachers, and lets teachers customise assessments, encourage meaningful reflection, and keep track of learning.

So come and visit the BrainPOP team, get a selfie with Moby, and take the opportunity to explore assessment in a whole new way!

Visit or contact  / 01865 263000 for more information.

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