4 ways to accelerate creativity through STEM


ARCKIT is a freeform architectural modelling system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your ideas to life with speed and precision. Based on modern building techniques and a 1.2m/4ft grid to scale, the ‘click and connect’ modular components make it possible to create a vast range of structures that can be quickly assembled, endlessly modified and finished to perfection.

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Teachers are always looking for new ideas to inspire students with creative learning in the classroom. We often turn to technology for the answer, but what if there was a more collaborative and tactile way to accelerate creativity?

As developers of a STEM learning product, we meet teachers and people involved in the STEM community at education events all over the world. In fact, teachers have played a key role in helping us to evolve Arckit - taking it from a professional architectural design tool, to a series of model-building sets that encourage makers of all ages to express their creativity and vision.

At our last show, we were asked how to use Arckit for accelerating creativity. Here are four ideas for you to test out in the classroom (or try at home with your kids).

1. Imagine your own dream city

Our Cityscape and Masterplan Kickstarter products give young makers complete control to design their very own dream city from scratch. The blocks are quick and easy to stack, and the soft pastel colour shapes are inspired by iconic architectural styles from around the world. Masterplan takes this to another level with more complex components and realistic façade graphics. Why not ask your students to recreate their neighbourhood or the area around their school?

2. Team up and design a building

From overcoming design challenges to collaborating as a team, our original multi-award winning Arckit kits are a hands-on way to introduce students to the basics of architecture and design. You can also set them challenges such as building a model of their own home, a dream beach house, a new school, a town hall, a space station – or let them explore their creativity through building abstract shapes and structures.

3. Add realistic details to your model

Part of the fun of using Arckit is bringing a finished model to life! Our self-adhesive Arckitexture graphics allow users to measure, cut and apply realistic building façade stickers and details such as grass and water. This helps to fine-tune their craft skills and develop their ‘design thinking’. Just make sure that children are supervised at all times when using scissors or a craft knife to cut out the graphics.

4. Learn how to use digital software

The challenge with teaching digital design tools is keeping children interested in what they are learning. Since Arckit Digital is compatible with software like SketchUp, a natural focus is lent to the lesson. You can ask the class to use digital versions of Arckit components to recreate their designs on the screen, or design using SketchUp and then build and present a physical representation of the digital model.

Get involved now!

To make the most of Arckit as a STEM learning product, teachers can also sign up to the Arckit Education Programme. This gives you access to interactive courses designed that you can modify to teach everything, from hands-on creativity to teamwork and communication skills. To find out more, sign up to our newsletter and visit www.arckit.com.

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