3 innovative educators on a mutual edtech favourite [Q&A]

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Atif Mahmood, Lumici Slate founder and CEO: “As a teacher, I saw first hand how using technology in the classroom can boost learning but also how difficult planning and applying it well can be for some teachers. I had a vision to make this easier. Lumici is an educational technologies company based in UK with offices in Manchester, Derby and London. The aim of the company is simple: to harness the power of technology to improve learning."

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With over 150 schools and 18,000 teachers beginning to use Teacherly over the last 12 months, we wanted to showcase some of the best ways the platform is being used, as well as the impact it has had on departments, teachers and schools as a whole.

We asked three key stakeholders - a headteacher, a head of department, and a teacher - three key questions to find out more:

1. What makes Lumici different from other platforms you are using or have used?
2. What impact has Lumici had on the teachers and departments?
3. Why is lesson planning such an important priority for you as a school?

Jon Wattret, headteacher at Dronfield Academy, Tibshelf, South Sheffield

1. Instant access to thousands of exemplar lesson templates cuts down the time for teachers to plan their lesson. There’s no need to find resources when they are already on the template; you can just edit and modify the template.
2. I know some departments no longer use planners, spreadsheets or directory folders, and only share all their planning on the team shared area in Lumici.
3. As a school we went through a tough time raising the quality of teaching and learning. We realised we need to hold middle management accountable for the quality of planning, and to also support them. We didn’t have a tool that clearly showed us the quality of planning. Lumici does that.

Rakesh Patel, head of Computer Science, Brockington School, Leicestershire

1. Being able to plan a sequence of lessons based on student feedback, taking into account pupil voice straight away, and for them to feel involved in planning their own learning.
2. Other departments have heard from students how they can access their learning journey from home and recap on learning. Teachers have also been saying they find it easier to team teach classes because they can plan in real-time together.
3. Supply cover is an issue for schools, and it’s hard to get supply teachers to plan lessons. With Lumici, however, the plans are interactive and are already there through the exemplar lesson templates. We can manage day-to-day supply much easier.

Kerry Harrison, Burnley College, lecturer

1. For college staff working remotely and part time, it's a great fit to be able plan collaboratively and share best practice.
2. It has saved some lecturers 20% of their time when it comes to planning lecturers. They are able to re-direct that time and provide 1:1 support for some students.
3. Colleges are just as keen as schools to incorporate best practices when it comes to planning courses, and lecturers and to be able to have transparency at a director level is really important.

Lumici drives up the quality of lesson planning through online collaboration and peer-to-peer coaching, built for teams to help plan better lessons and share best practice. You can fuel your team-planning with instant access to thousands of exemplar lesson templates, and effortlessly manage everyday supply cover.

How does it work?

1. Plan with others - search curriculum, find great lesson, modify and edit to meet your needs, leave feedback.
2. Share with your team, team teach, supply cover, leave feedback, message.
3. Run your lesson - realtime analytics, student feedback.
4. Teach, practice, reinforce, improve and collaborate.

Visit teacherly.io for more information.

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