Teaching In the cloud: How Google Drive is revolutionising the classroom

Mike Kalin

Mike is an English and history teacher at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, Mass. He is a former Pforzheimer Fellow in the School Leadership Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Any experienced English teacher knows the drill: on the dreaded due date, students bring printed copies of their essays to class, where we collect them, take them home, jot inscrutable comments in the margins, bring them back to class, return them, and then watch students promptly toss them in the recycling bin on the way out of the room. The whole cycle borders on farce.

Students pretend to spend many hours writing their papers, teachers pretend to spend many hours grading them, and we all pretend like repeating this process over and over again leads to something we in education like to call “student growth.” But teachers can finally put an end to this exercise in futility, thanks to an unlikely hero sometimes condemned for its unrelenting pursuit of profit at the expense of the public good… Google.

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