Teachers and coffee: A love story

Sarah Jones

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Teachers need to be on point, especially to meet each pupil’s needs effectively. Tiredness, fatigue, and other factors can contribute to slower cognitive activity; something teachers must have to fulfill their duties.

Life happens, and no one can prepare for that flat tire you had coming into work, or your alarm somehow mysteriously never going off, but there is something that can help get your brain juices flowing, just in time for your first class.

The Morning Magic

The simplest way to get your brain and body awake is coffee. That may seem unexciting to those looking for magic to summon their minds awake in the mornings, but coffee does help. It is a central nervous system stimulant, meaning it helps wake your brain up. It increases your energy and your focus, two things that are desperately needed to teach others successfully.

Brain Power

Years of information and studying have been accomplished to achieve your occupation as a teacher. Daily brain power is needed in full force to carry out assignments, educate students on new topics, review old topics, and complete a hectic schedule each day and week. Stimulators such as coffee increase not only motivation but also the level of alertness and concentration. Mental fatigue will vanish as the caffeine stimulates your brain and its power helps your conquer the day ahead.

Many Others

Teachers get quick lunches, and sometimes have to handle lunch duty, so scarfing down that sandwich while observing the cafeteria, or eating and grading papers, isn’t uncommon. Coffee can also add some great health benefits like antioxidants, which can fight certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In fact, coffee is ranked as one of the highest sources for antioxidant levels.

Not Too Much

Caffeine gets your mind awake and working, and with your cup of coffee you will not only feel motivated, you will feel good too. Caffeine enhances your mood, so someone else can be known as the “grumpy” teacher.

Some teachers drink coffee all day, but that can create some negative reactions. Indigestion is one of the negative sides of too much caffeine. It will upset your stomach. Another downside is that regular intake of caffeine all day can create insomnia. Lack of sleep affects the ability to think clearly and make good decisions.

The Coffee Experience

Meetings with school leaders and other teachers, as well as parents, are common and happen many times throughout the school year. Providing coffee at meetings or offering healthy options such as all-natural sweeteners or additions create a place to talk and relax.

Coffee is something many people enjoy, that’s why there are cafes on many corners. Coffee unites people. So many of us drink and enjoy it. It can also be a good bonding experience. When people are given refreshments such as coffee, they will feel happier and more motivated to listen or give input.

Teachers and coffee are an A+ combination. Coffee stimulates your brain, keeps you awake, alert, and energized. Teaching is often tiring, both physically and mentally, but morning cups of coffee help you be at your best, for you, your co-workers, and for your students.

Where does caffeine fit in with your day? Share your thoughts below.

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