Things to consider while planning an innovation budget for your school

Stella Lincoln

Stella Lincoln has vast experience of teaching grade 3 to grade 7. She is Educationist at Academist Help where she writes on field of accounts and finance. Stella loves to integrate new trends and technologies in her class. She contributes helpful publications on several blogs.

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We all agree that education is the primary necessity of our society. Educated people invent new technologies to achieve more comfort in their daily routines, however, both are dependent on each other. I believe that literate people innovate more and more while technology helps to produce well-educated citizens.

Teachers play a significant role in educating the pupils - and our schools are responsible for providing a favorable environment. Along with this, institutes are also introducing more convenient methodologies for learners.

Integrating technologies is one of the considered intentions of modern schools. I remember that our forefathers were talking and assuming that innovations were introduced to reduce the workload of the industrialists. Then after 1965, these inventions ended up facilitating our daily lives. Almost everyone in my area swept up new tech because it granted relief from exhausting tasks. Vacuum cleaners, electric kettles, washing machines, etc. are all examples of that time of innovations. Our mothers showed the neighbours what they bought and discussed the features at length. Now at the beginning of the 21st century, tech has become part of everyday life.

Why bring innovations to schools?

With society relying more on technology, schools need to ensure their pupils are keeping up. Additionally:

  • It helps to improve attention spans
  • Introduces adaption to innovation skills before starting the professional life
  • Encourages creativity

Things to Consider While Planning an Innovation

1. Prioritize needs
There will always be several priorities to consider; some are urgent, others are not immediate, yet necessary to review as soon as possible. School leaders should list down all the requirements and look into the work for tackling each need. This list will offer guidance and help accomplish the concise targets one by one.

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2. Adjust with school progress strategy
Keep in mind that any plans to innovate need to be in line with institutional progress. If you wish to bring a new technology into your school, but your other prerequisites such as internet or accessibility remain outdated, it won’t work. For example, a new technology may get implemented, but teachers who are not trained to handle it could spend precious class time trying to get it to work.

3. Possible Challenges
Predict and plan for barriers that may get in the way of you accomplishing your list. It is better to think about the potential challenges prior to initiating any action. Though it may be disheartening, it will help you:

  • Accept upcoming issues
  • Prepare suitable solutions
  • Develop an alternate program should something get in the way

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You want to kit out the school with brand new computers. Consider:

  • Internet and bandwidth
  • Safeguarding the pupils
  • Set up time
  • Machine maintenance - who will manage this and does your budget cover it?

Advances in technology help to enhance the attention and pupil’s interest, but for the sake of time and budget, plan ahead.

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