It’s time to reduce teacher workloads!

Patrick Mainprize

Patrick Mainprize, Education Lead at EducationCity, a leading teaching, learning and assessment resource, ideal for children aged 3-12 years. Its engaging and interactive activities are aligned to all major curricula, and cover English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, French, Spanish and English as an additional language. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere on interactive whiteboards, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. Its time-saving teaching resources let school staff plan in advance, give students differentiated support and assess progress.

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Teacher workload. One of the biggest challenges the sector is facing. It’s an ongoing battle with teachers expressing that three of the biggest areas that lead to unnecessary workload are marking, planning and data management.

We have seen a bigger emphasis on how we can alleviate these concerns using technology. Most recently, the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, launched the EdTech Strategy, with a focus on how resources and tools can be used to cut teacher workloads, including the time spent preparing and marking homework. This is a welcome move, and certainly rings true! There are plenty of edtech resources designed to help schools maximise their time and ensure that teaching and learning is as effective as it can be.

At EducationCity, we understand that workloads can be a struggle. That’s why we work with teachers when developing our resources in order to ensure that what we’re delivering not only meets their needs but can help to alleviate those pressures and time constraints. It’s our job to help make your job simpler and more efficient. So, let’s take a look at some of the features within EducationCity that create more time to teach...

Lesson planning
Lesson planning can be incredibly time-consuming! Therefore, try using tools like MyCity which allows you to allocate, sequence and assign differentiated content to specific students or groups within your class. It saves you valuable time as you can plan work in advance while ensuring that the work you’re setting students – either in the classroom or at home – is targeted towards specific objectives and levels of ability.

Assessments and checking student progress
When it comes to marking and assessment, edtech resources like EducationCity can automatically mark students’ work and record progress of individual students, groups or the whole class. It’s a great way for teachers to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and therefore, more effectively plan subsequent lessons and assignments.

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This summer, EducationCity will be further developing the assessment support it provides to schools with the addition of over 75 formative, summative and unit assessments, which are designed to provide evidence of student progression for teachers. Self-assessment is also a great way of freeing up teachers’ time while also building students’ self-confidence and metacognition.

Homework and revision
It’s important for children to be empowered to actively learn in their own time. Part of this involves setting students work in ways which appeal to them. As part of our MyRevision feature, we offer personalised Revision Journals which automatically gather various activities based on previous test scores. Therefore, if there is an area a child is particularly struggling with, then similar activities and learning paths would be automatically generated to help them better engage with the task and focus on the areas of improvement.

Edtech is a powerful resource however, it’s important to find the solution that works for you – not only in helping to elevate teaching and learning, but as a way to reduce workloads and help you focus on providing the best possible opportunities for those in your classroom.

To see what EducationCity can offer your school in terms of content, implementation support and customer service, take a free trial. Simply visit, email or call us on 01572 725080.

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