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30 great British education-innovators to follow on Twitter

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Most modern professionals have a Twitter account. The social network can offer belly laughs out-of-nowhere, factoids that can raise a smile or an eyebrow (see Andy Nyman’s account for excellent facts-of-the-day) and often real insight. Indeed, Twitter can be a superb place for getting output from superb innovators of education…

Here are thirty education specialists, mostly recommended by followers of Innovate My School. This isn’t meant to be seen as a conclusive / top list, or a ‘best of'; these are just 30 people from whom you can gather wonderfully innovative ideas.

[Given the huge amount of suggestions from our followers, this article will be the first of several. Please do keep suggestions coming, British or not!]

  1. @innerquest - A former deputy-headmaster, Tim McShane is a keen enthusiast of ICT, e-safety and e-learning. He posts his online publication, The Tim McShane Daily, onto Twitter… daily.

  1. @LearningSpy - David Didau is the man behind LearningSpy.com, a site on which he publishes both articles and information on his speaking events. A self-proclaimed “provocateur” by nature.

  1. @hgaldinoshea - Part of researchED team PedagooCurator, Hélène Galdin-O'Shea is an enthusiastic English and Media teacher.

  1. @andygoff - Andy Goff is an educator who loves to work with games-based learning and video effect, and his work can be seen at www.io.uk.com.

  1. @deepexperience1 - Greg Hughes is an Apple Distinguished Educator and physics teacher. As well as commenting on education innovations, he shares his photography though his account.

  1. @mikeondigital - App designer and primary school teacher Mike Elliott uses his considerable experience and credentials to share ideas through his website.

  1. @dmandrews15 - Hugely into running projects with pupils, David Andrews specialises in the the educational uses of iPads.

  1. @basnettj - Jane Basnett is the head of modern foreign languages at Downe House School, Berkshire, and blogs frequently.

  1. @urban_teacher - Otherwise known as Mark Martin, Urban Teacher is an ICT evangelist who works at a secondary school.

  1. @debbieforster - An experienced (and originally American) educator and keen innovator, Debbie Forster is the managing director of Apps For Good.

  1. @TeamTait - Jon Tait is a hugely enthusiastic deputy headteacher who both blogs and presents on YouTube.

  1. @josepicardoSHS - Surbiton High School’s Assistant Principal, José Picardo is an writer and expert of ICT and languages, plus a member of Naace.

  1. @dughall - Dughall McCormick is an educator with high interest in education technology.

  1. @ianfordham - Ian Fordham is co-founder of the Education Foundation and director of the Edtech Incubator.

  1. @russellprue - Occasional bowtie-sporter and broadcasting entrepreneur Russell Prue is an author, inventor and the founder of Anderton Tiger Radio.

  1. @MissDCox - Dawn Cox is a head of RE and critical thinking based in Suffolk. Her blog addresses both education and politics.

  1. @esafetyadviser - An expert on internet safety, Alan Mackenzie is the man behind e-Safety Adviser.

  1. @AdeleDevine - A true Shakespeare enthusiast, Adele Devine is an SEN teacher and author of Colour Coding for Learners with Autism.

  1. @syded06 - Daniel Edwards is Director of Innovation & Learning at Stephen Perse Foundation schools, as well as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

  1. @LeadingLearner - Stephen Tierney is Executive Headteacher of St. Mary's Catholic College & Christ the King CPS, as well as the brains behind.

  1. @asober - Alessio Bernardelli is an Institute of Physics Coordinator for Gloucestershire. He also releases the The Alessio Bernardelli Daily.

  1. @ShonetteBason - Writing on education and family matters, Shonette Bason is a professional speaker and writer.

  1. @MultiMartin - A huge advocate of learning through doing, Martin Waller is a writer, researcher and teacher.

  1. @sanjeshsharma - Founder of New Ways to Learn, Sanjesh Sharma boasts professional speaking as a skill, and is a major advocate of edtech.

  1. @ianaddison - Primary school teacher Ian Addison is a Google Apps for Education Trainer and author of Rising Stars Essentials: ICT.

  1. @TeacherToolkit - Ross Morrison McGill is an Assistant Vice Principal based in North London. He is the founder of the immensely popular @teachertoolkit website.

  1. @Andyphilipday - Andy Day is a Head of Specialism based in Yorkshire, a geographer and writer of education.

  1. @Sue_Cowley - Chair of pre-school committee Sue Cowley works as a writer, teacher, trainer and presenter, partly through her blog.

  1. @DeputyMitchell - David Mitchell is an educator and consultant, a former-head and a blogging philanthropist. He is massively passionate about edtech on his website.

  1. @dawnhallybone - A London-based teacher, Dawn Hallybone’s work can be seen via her blog or on YouTube.

What do you think of the list? Were you one of the contributors? Post your own suggestion in the comments section!

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