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Matt Koster-Marcon

Matt Koster-Marcon is the Founding CEO of Learning Ladders Education - the next generation TLP (Teaching and Learning Platform) built specifically for Primary schools, and recently voted the ‘Best Whole School Aid for Learning, Teaching and Assessment’ at the global BETT Awards.

Website: www.learningladders.info Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The world is catching up with a truth that we’ve championed at Learning Ladders for the last 5 years - that children’s learning outcomes are greatly improved by teachers, parents and learners working in partnership. 

Our proactive roadmap for creating a platform that combines; a customised curriculum, rich assessment data (backed up by informed and involved parents) means that Learning Ladders schools are ahead of the curve, in a prime position to deliver learning both in the classroom and online. 

And so, it couldn’t be a more fitting time to share with you Learning Ladders’ next step beyond tracking and the latest addition to our award-winning approach: The Curriculum Lab

The constant evolution of our Parent portal has enabled a reduction in workload for teachers through self marking homework and a streamlined approach to Pupil reports. The portal supports parental involvement, opening up two-way communication between parents and teachers, backed up by support articles (translatable in +100 languages). 

But we know that in Primary, sharing learning isn’t enough. 

In order to fascinate and inspire children and full support parents, a careful selection of engaging resources are needed to bring learning to life. 

A tool to give teachers back their weekends and evenings, The Curriculum Lab utilises all of the data already in Learning Ladders and uses it to map resources to the curriculum objectives and teaching plans of each school. 

  • Gap Analysis identifies gaps in learning to inform future planning- direct access from this page opens a search for resources against a particular objective. 
  • Classes & Groups allows teachers to add assessments and view the curriculum objectives for their class- direct access allows teachers to search by keyword for that subject. 
  • Homework within Ladders at Home allows teachers to include a helpful link- The Curriculum Lab provides resources to support and challenge pupils. 
  • Articles scaffold parental understanding of key concepts within Reading, Writing and Maths The Curriculum Lab surfaces resources to illustrate concepts. 
  • The Creation Zone allows schools to fully customise their own curriculums- The Curriculum Lab refines resources by keywords, enabling teachers to share a resource for each objective to bring the curriculum to life.

The quality resources surfaced by The Curriculum Lab provides a superior option to the alternative; a search through unfiltered results in an internet wide search to find the ‘right’ resource (a needle in a haystack approach), editing resources from existing schemes of work to fit, or worse- reinventing the wheel making resources from scratch. 

The Curriculum Lab short circuits that process, allowing teachers to surface the best possible resource for every child in every lesson. 

Learning Ladders triaged the best providers to offer quality resources with our launching partners, BBC and Oak Academy and indexed resources so that teachers can identify granular lessons at a specific level within the platform. 

The Curriculum Lab allows teachers to click on a resource in our search engine, viewing the resource to establish if it is the best resource for their pupils within their school, firewall and systems. 

With no need to download the content, teachers copy and paste the link; dropping it easily into the curriculum plans, sharing the link in homework or help articles and even saving the resource as a ‘favourite’ trusted resource to return to. 

Never static, The Curriculum Lab has exciting plans for expansion to include other specialist providers, taking into account feedback from our schools. Good news for teachers, good news for parents and good news for children’s outcomes. 

The Curriculum Lab is another piece of the puzzle to forming the full, holistic view of a child, beyond tracking data alone. Rich, formative assessment that informs planning alongside resources from quality partners (accessed with one click from within the platform), shared with pupils and parents both in school and remotely creates the joined up teaching tool for this disjointed time. 

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