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30 excellent edu-Tweeters worth following

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Twitter is an indispensable aspect of many people’s working lives. As such, it’s good to know whom to follow. A follow-up to April’s 30 great British education-innovators to follow on Twitter article, here are 30 more suggested educators to follow!

This is a list of 30 recommended education-oriented Twitter feeds. Note: this is by no means a ‘best-of’, and the order is unimportant. The list is comprised of suggestions from the public and our own choices.

  1. @mr_crossjr - Ira Cross is enjoying his first year teaching in Columbus, Ohio. A real advocate for innovation, he’ll even educate by way of customised game shows.
  2. @natachakennedy - A computer studies and ICT trainer, Natacha Kennedy is a British educator with a passion for politics.
  3. @JulesDaulby - English, drama and SEN guru Jules Daulby uses resources like assistive tech and iPads to innovate secondary school education.
  4. @learnocracy - A cloud specialist, edtech expert and bass player, Phil Dawson is a innovator based in Bath, where he blogs on his website Learnocracy.
  5. @travelgeordie - Richard Donnelly employs project-based learning in his work, teaches in a secondary school and often blogs on modern education practices.
  6. @stumpteacher - Josh Stumpenhorst is a Chicagoan teacher, presenter and blogger, and his fields of expertise include physical education and computing.
  7. @a_haq - Business and ICT educator Aysha Haq is a fan of elearning, being an engaging teacher and infographics, and operates from Leeds.
  8. @tomwhitby - An Edutopia blogger residing in Long Island, Tom Whitby has been a high school and middle school teacher for over three decades.
  9. @c_jvinson - James Harlan’s passions are writing, community leading and education. Based in London, he particularly specialises in advice on essay writing.
  10. @loukaparry - Australian school principal Louka Parry teaches in Mimili, a Southern indigenous community, and is a real advocate of community work.
  11. @tedrosececi - A tech-savvy teacher and blogger from Portland, Oregon, Alison Anderson writes on topics such as digital learning, blended learning and STEM.
  12. @s_armitage - Simon Armitage is a geography teacher who employs iPads in the classroom. He is also Director of Communications at the Stephen Perse Foundation.
  13. @rlj1981 - Geek pioneer Rachel Jones is a champion of creativity and music, all as part of her role as a Google Certified Teacher and elearning coordinator.
  14. @SymoLyn - Principal of Adelaide’s Mark Oliphant College, Lynne Symons recently won the Guinness World Record for ‘Most people playing a clapping game simultaneously’.
  15. @BoyleJude - Another Adelaidean educator, Jude Boyle is a maths and science teacher at Willunga High School., where she’s also eLearning Coordinator.
  16. @pw2tweets - Head of ICT & Computing department Paul Wright is a runner of TeachMeets. He also writes about education.
  17. @MsMagiera - Jennie Magiera is an Illinois-based White House Champion of Change, Google Certified Teacher and ADE.
  18. @rkmacpherson - R. K. MacPherson is a writer and former games designer, and has extensive teaching experience in both Seattle and Japan.
  19. @lkbc177 - Louise Bowes-Cavanag is head of music at a London school. She’s particularly keen on networking and staff CPD.
  20. @DavidHitl - A believer in neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology, David Hodgson is an educational author and trainer.
  21. @SimonKnight100 - Associate Director at the National Education, Simon Knight is an Oxfordshire special school Deputy Head.
  22. @mssackstein - New Yorker Starr Sackstein is the author of Teaching Mythology Exposed. She is also a Google Educator and a student press rights advocate.
  23. @neilcspence - Neil Spence is a primary school principal in Perth; he’s a fan of borderless edtech innovations and has been an educator for over 20 years.
  24. @e_gran - Going by the nickname ‘Enterprisegran’, Lynda Dixon is a retired teacher whose specialty lies in Careers Education and Enterprise.
  25. @ThinkingChild1 - Sue Dixon is a self-employed consultant and entrepreneur, and is the brains behind Thinking Child, who encourage independent learning in children.
  26. @JuliaSharman1 - An education adviser and consultant, Julia Sharman has over two decades’ worth of experience in teaching, with expertise in primary education and SEN.
  27. @FluencyMC - ‘Teacher-trainer-knowledge entertainer’ Jason R. Levine is a New Jersey-based creator of music for learners across the globe and English specialist.
  28. @CharlieCarroll1 - Charlie Carroll is an Cornwall-based author, teacher and musician with a lust for travel.
  29. @lanivcox - An American expat teaching English in Chiang Rai, Thailand, Lani V Cox often blogs about her experiences. 
  30. @mike_gunn - Mike Gunn is a media teacher and 1:1 learning advocate, as well as being a fan of leadership, inspirational educators and tech in education.
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Who are your favourite Tweeters? Let us know in the comments!

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