Gratnells, best known for 40 years of designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced storage systems, has developed a smart, responsive approach to meet the increasing demand for digital technology in schools and colleges. The company has used its in-depth knowledge of the education sector to react to this rapidly-growing trend, delivering storage systems that are compact, lightweight and versatile while providing security and additional functionality.

Teachers love acronyms, and one that seems to be of interest is BYON. Education veteran Julia Sharman discusses the details of Bring Your Own Network, as well as the potential positive and negative aspects that it could bring to schools.

By now the phrases ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) and latterly ‘Bring Your Own App’ (BYOA) are familiar with the majority of us, and integral part of our technological knowledge. Using our own mobile devices and applications are commonplace on a daily basis. Being able to use wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets to access social media sites and applications, beyond the reach of the main network and allowing access from remote locations, has opened the door to a wealth of information adding greater dimensions to support teaching and learning, in conjunction with and, alongside more traditional methods.

As ushering classrooms into the digital age becomes increasingly expensive during a time of severe cuts to public services, Steve Hammond, President of Fiberlink International, explores the security challenges that the education sector needs to overcome in order to turn BYOD (bring your own device) from a pipe dream into a reality.

Over the past two decades, successive governments have used various political platforms to promote the importance of technology in schools. This has culminated in schemes such as the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ programme, only for the current coalition government to scrap it in a bid to cut costs in this age of austerity.

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