Michael Conroy-Harris

Michael Conroy-Harris

Michael Conroy-Harris' work as collaboration coordinator for a Midlands school consortium brings him into contact with a diverse range of external partners, mainly around citizenship, character education and personal development. Arising from this he now delivers, along with around 40 other professionals in the region, a programme (‘Coaching Healthy & Respectful Masculinity’) aimed at unpicking ‘hyper-masculinity’. The programme  helps young lads to develop into well-balanced young men, capable of recognising and speaking up against misogyny and supporting women and girls in their friendship groups, educational settings and workplaces. The training for this was delivered by A CALL TO MENUK.

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As I get older – I’m 47, and feeling every minute of it – I definitely have a sense that now is the time to ‘do it’, whatever that ‘it’ is. Having suffered a stroke not long ago helps focus the mind in that regard, as does having kids. And so I’m delighted that something came my way at work (I’m an enrichment and collaboration coordinator for an educational consortium in the Midlands) that has genuinely fired me up and made me think that I am using my time well and maybe that the slow advance to that crazily far-off retirement day, 20 years from now, can actually be a new chapter of fresh challenge and deep satisfaction.

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