Bradley Lightbody

Bradley Lightbody

Bradley Lightbody is the author of ‘Outstanding teaching and learning 14-19’ and ‘the i-Learning Revolution: a new pedagogy’.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 13:00

Goodbye, schemes of work: Hello, learning plans

The traditional Scheme of Work grid is perhaps well past its sell-by-date for 21st Century learning. Consider instead a Learning Plan to promote independent learning and to underpin the introduction of Flipped or Blended learning as wished. The Learning Plan also dovetails well with the Big Picture Lesson plan by setting key questions which can easily be carried forward into the classroom.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:44

The Big Picture lesson plan

The reading aloud of formal lesson objectives in the style of, ‘By the end of today’s lesson you will be able to…’ often fails to capture the attention and interest of our pupils or students. Many carry on doodling and treat the objectives as something the teacher is obliged to recite on a par with the formality of taking the register. The Big Picture lesson plan is designed to raise interest levels, promote concentration and draw the students or pupils into full participation.

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