Doug Belshaw

Doug Belshaw

Doug is currently employed by the Mozilla Foundation as Badges & Skills Lead where he evangelises Open Badges and heads-up their work on web literacies. Prior to that he was at JISC infoNet and before that move into further and higher education he was a Senior Leader and Teacher of History and ICT in various schools.

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I spent some time in a local school this week talking to some members of staff about implementing educational technology. It made me realise that I haven’t talked nearly enough here about how to do that successfully. It’s simultaneously straightforward and painfully difficult.

Let me explain.

Technically, pretty much anything is possible. Short of thought-transfer and teleporting to the moon, we live in a world with endless possibilities on the technical front. Whatever it is you want to do is probably possible.

Sucessfully implementing technology in your organisation is therefore not a technology issue. Yes, it’s important to get right. But no, if you just focus on that your technology implementation will not work.

Here’s some advice for those seeking to introduce a new technology into their organisation.

Photo credit: Veribatim

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