Brian Sharland

Brian Sharland

Brian is a secondary school Head of Computing at a girls independent school in Oxfordshire. He is a lead campaigner for a new upgraded ICT subject called #digitalstudies.

Twitter: @sharland

I was originally thinking of calling this post 'Dude, where's my curriculum?' in honour of that seminal stoner movie starring Ashton Kutcher and the guy from American Pie; however I came up with two immediate problems: One I wouldn't be able to find any CC images related to the movie, and two, it would imply that anyone coming to #digitalstudies and not finding a traditional curriculum is on the same intellectual level as the characters in that movie. Not true, obviously!

But the movie does serve as a useful starting point for understanding why #digitalstudies does not contain a curriculum or programme of study like you might be expecting. Teachers may come to our subject expecting something normal to be there and it's not, so how does one find the 'curriculum' in #digitalstudies?

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