Colin Wells

Colin Wells

Colin Wells has been involved in the sign industry for the past 14 years. Born and educated in north London, he owned a leading sign company in one of the franchised groups for many years before leaving to set up Elementary Signs Ltd and to specialise in providing signs to the Education sector and Local Authorities. “ Service quality and Build Quality are so important nowadays. Where budgets are tight and where our products are on busy sites where children and young people are, safety, appearance and value for money are extremely important” says Colin Wells. “We aim to make buying Signs, Notice Boards and Banners for your school, as easy and worry free as possible”. “We have an excellent team of extremely high ability here who enjoy what they do, it makes us what we are. I stand on the shoulders of very capable people”.

With the advent of Marketing Awareness and the increase in the number of schools who now have Marketing Managers or Marketing Departments, Headteachers are becoming increasingly aware of the power of marketing at many levels: how good marketing can effect how a school is perceived and, in many cases, how this affects pupil numbers.

Thursday, 19 January 2012 12:26

A sign is just a sign – isn’t it?

When is a sign not just a sign? All of the time is the true answer. In the worst case, it can be a missed opportunity to attract new pupils or can make the school appear less than it is. The first thing that visitors, pupils, staff and local people see is the school frontage. An integral part of that is the signs which instantly create an image and perception of the school. Signage is an important part of your marketing and will help to attract new pupils and visitors alike as well as guiding and informing.

Signs can be large, small, shaped and a range of different colours and styles. Above all else, your signs should present the image that you want to promote to the outside world. They are almost as important as a school uniform in that respect and like a uniform, the style, design and presentation are also important. With modern technology now, the design and colours can match the school’s colours. Logos, no matter how complicated, can be easily added and production methods mean that now almost anything that can be printed can be included into the design of the signs.

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