Steve Barron

Steve Barron

IMS Expert in urban fox control in London Schools

Steve is the Director of Pest - Go Limited Urban Fox Control London who are an established industrial leader in the field of urban fox control.

Urban fox activity in London schools is on the increase. Problems occur when foxes start persistently fouling, urinating, damaging property and harbouring underneath classrooms or even in roof voids above classrooms.

The main risk of having fox activity around a school is the risk of disease transmission. As foxes are part of the dog family, they can harbour many contagious diseases. Most foxes will carry external parasites such as fleas and ticks; but the most common disease which foxes are most likely to transmit to man is Toxocariasis (Roundworm).

Unlike domestic pets, foxes are not routinely de-wormed or treated against parasites or immunised against disease. Toxocariasis is caused by a parasitic roundworm in the fox, namely Toxocara canis. Toxocara can cause blindness in young children.

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