Michael Britland

Michael Britland

Michael has been a teacher since 2003. Formally a head of ICT/Computer Science and SMSC Leader, he is now the head of Sixth Form and Careers lead at Oak Academy in Bournemouth.  Michael’s been a teacher adviser and writer for the Guardian Teacher Network for five years. As well as working for Realise Learning as a consultant he has appeared on national TV and Radio discussing education policy and digital well-being.

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On Wednesday last week I sat in an innovation symposium with a Virtual Reality headset on. I was then strapped into a sports seat mirroring one that one would find in a modern racing car. The helpful assistant informed me that when the program begins I might find the 360°, fully immersive experience slightly disorientating. Being a son of a digital revolution that for me began with the Amstrad CPC 464, I dismissed his comment with an arrogance that these days is usually demonstrated by someone located in an office that is oval shaped. How dare he think that I would find the experience disorientating? He has clearly never played Manic Miner!

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