Maria O'Neill

Maria O'Neill

Maria O’Neill is advanced skills teacher who has led and managed many academic and pastoral initiatives. Her interests include coaching, NLP, mental health, social media and improving teaching and learning. She is committed to creating an educational community of learners in which pupils are encouraged and stimulated to develop academically and personally and staff are empowered to continue learning professionally. WomenEd advocate Maria is currently studying for PhD in Educational Leadership; her area of research is Executive Coaching for Leadership.

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Effective leadership coaching can happen on the dance floor of conversation.” -
John G. Agno

There are many definitions of leadership. Some highlight the importance of highly-developed professional skills and knowledge; others dwell on the importance of personal skills. A number of researchers state that leadership begins with the character of leaders, their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, personal values and beliefs. As Will Ryan (2003) pointed out: “If You Scratch a Good Head…You Find a Moral Purpose.” Other researchers rightly state that without a clear operational strategy or a strong strategic plan of how to communicate and achieve goals and create vision, success is not possible.

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