Anthea Watson

Anthea Watson

Book and baking-enthusiast Anthea has been a teacher for 15 years. A lover of literature, she teaches English because it’s “a subject where you can read books, write about books, talk about books and forget that it's all made up!”  She's probably a bit too charmed by Iago.  After teaching about 10,000 lessons over the years, she still loves learning about and trying out new ideas - some better than others - in the classroom.

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When the changes to GCSEs were announced, English teachers across the land were bereft. George and Lennie had been “canned”. Like Candy’s dog, they had been cast aside and denounced as useless. What would we do now? The frustration felt was not so much that years of experience teaching this great book would be lost, but that hundreds of young people wouldn’t get to know George, Lennie and the other characters on the ranch.

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